Monday, May 28, 2012

POEM (Memorial Day Is Everyday)

Memorial Day Is Everyday

Memorial Day is special,
It comes once a year in May,
But I honestly must tell you
I observe it everyday.

How could this heart of mine forget
Loved ones who've gone on,
No day is done --- no night goes by
I do not think of everyone.

It's time to wave a flag and march
And salute and stand erect,
My eyes brim over, I choke up,
I bow my head and pay respect.

I'm proud of every war time hero,
Those that returned and those that died.
And I ache for all those empty arms
That long to hug them to their side.

I always cry when I hear Taps,
I can't hold back the tears.
It doesn't matter when it's played,
Whatever day --- whatever year.

I buy the Veteran's Poppies,
Which I fasten to my blouse,
I support each Veteran's cause,
And I fly a flag atop my house.

Memorial Day, of course, is right,
But it's everyday to me,
I think of loved ones who've passed on,
Everyday that I breathe.

copywritten: May 2004 by Virginia (Ginny) Ellis