Wednesday, May 9, 2012

INSIGHTFUL MESSAGGE (Developing the Right (Self) Attitude)

Developing The Right (Self) Attitude

  1. Hate your sin but never hate yourself.
  2. Be quick to repent.
  3. When God gives you light, walk in it.
  4. Stop saying negative things about yourself. God loves you and it's wrong to hate what he loves. He has great plans for you so you're in conflict with Him when you speak negatively concerning your future.
  5. Never be afraid to admit that you've made a mistake and don't always assume that when things go wrong it must be "my fault"
  6. Don't meditate excessively on what you've done, right or wrong; both of these activities keep your mind on you! Center your thoughts on Christ.
  7. Take good care of yourself physically. Make the best of what God gave you to work with but don't be obsessed with your appearance.
  8. Never stop learning but don't allow your education to become a point of pride. God doesn't use you because of what's in your head; He uses you because of what's in your heart.
  9. Realize that your talents are a gift not something you have manufactured yourself; never look down on people who can't do what you do.
  10. Don't despise your weaknesses, they keep you dependent on God.