Tuesday, May 1, 2012

POEM (The Cross)

The Cross

A symbol of my faith
That strengthens me each day
As I by God's grace
Walk the narrow way.

You see, God's own Son
He gave His life for me
And took my debt of sin
To a place called Calvary.

I owe Him my life
And all I'll ever be
All He asks is that
I'll let Him live through me.

So I run the race
Empowered by His grace
And give Him all the glory
As I look into His face.


   We live in a world where we often see many large shiny Cross necklaces, pants, shirts or jackets with Cross studs on them, or dangling Cross earrings. People decorate their vehicles with a Cross dangling from the rear view mirror or they will put NOTW (Not of this World), fish and Cross bumper stickers on. But more often than not, it's just a mere piece of jewelry or a sign. Just an accessory or better yet, a fashion statement!      
    Some will go as far as to use it as a manipulation ploy. How many people have you seen go to court wearing a Cross but any other day you never see them wearing one? Somehow people think that if they wear a Cross to court it gives them an impression of holiness. They seem to think the judge will see the Cross around their neck and instantly find them innocent. 
    Many people seldom wear the Cross or put bumper stickers on vehicles to honor God or to let others know they are Christians. Some who have never been saved have worn the Cross as an accessory to their outfit. 
     I see the Cross and I instantly give thanks and praise to God. I feel humble when I see the Cross because it's a reminder of how much Jesus loves me, what He did to prove His love and to give me eternal life. I pray I NEVER take the Cross for granted. I also pray others will learn to have more respect for it. This is a symbol with very important meaning. If only we would all just stop and remember the COST!

Love and Blessings!
~One Love~