Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SOMETHING TO PONDER (Bandage of Thankfulness)

Bandage of Thankfulness

     Once a wise man saw a younger man, with a bandage tied around his leg, who was making painful groaning noises and complaining endlessly.
     "Why do you have that bandage tied around your leg?" the wise man asked.
     "Because I hurt my leg." replied the younger man.
     "How old are you?"
      The younger man looked puzzled at the man but answered, "I'm 28 years old."
      The wise man asked, "Have you been in pain and worn that bandage for most of your life?"
       "No," said the younger man. " I just injured myself today."
        " So for almost 30 years you enjoyed life with a good healthy leg," the wise man remarked " and you never tied the bandage of thankfulness to your leg. But now, because you have a wounded leg, you tie the bandage of complaint around it?"

INSIGHT: We should always be thankful to God in all situations of life and not complain about problems that come our way!

1 Thessalonians 5:18  "in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."                                                                     ---- NKJV

CONSIDER THIS:  When you spend time complaining, not only are you not giving glory to God but you are only pushing the rewards God had in store for you farther away. By complaining you are not having faith that God is working for good on your behalf. 

Next time you feel like complaining, remember this ---  the Israelites took a 40 day journey that for an 11 day trip. It was their groaning, murmuring and complaining that kept them in the wilderness all those years. God will not reward an ungrateful heart and complaining is the basis of unthankfulness.
So be thankful in all circumstances, give glory and honor to the Lord and receive the wonderful blessings He is waiting to shower upon you. And if you do complain, which we all occasionally do, be sure to quickly catch yourself, stop the complaints, ask for forgiveness and begin thanking God.

Bless and be blessed!
~ One Love ~