Saturday, March 17, 2012


22nd Day of Lent
Saturday, March 17, 2012

There is an upward pull of the universe, ever seeking to lift you to the heights of your divine nature. It is as real and as inexorable as the force of gravity. Your responsibility is to choose the level of consciousness on which you deal with the everyday experiences of life.

(During this journey to release your inner splendor, reflect on how you reached new spiritual heights.)

     I, personally, reached new spiritual heights by learning the true meaning of Lent. As a child, I grew up in the Catholic religion. Back then, to me, Lent was about: Ash Wednesday -- we got ashes in the sign of the cross on our forehead, on Good Friday -- all those who were Catholic were excused from school, then every Friday until Easter we were not allowed to eat meat, we were suppose to give up something important to us for the Lenten season, the family would gather together one night and we would all watch 'The Ten Commandments', on Palm Sunday -- we received large palm leaves from a palm tree and finally, on Easter Sunday -- my dad bought us new Sunday clothes to wear to church and after church we hunted easter eggs.
     Sure, I knew it was largely based on the resurrection of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. But for some reason, I just didn't get what it REALLY meant.
      Reaching my new spiritual heights I realize that the Lenten season is about truly putting others before myself.  Before, I occasionally would put others first but it was usually if it was something minor or if it didn't interfere with my plans. This year I've learned that sacrificing to put others first is what Jesus was trying to teach us. When you give someone your last dollar. When you take time out of your very busy schedule to accomodate someone else. When you find time to spend with someone whom you know is lonely, even though they may bore you at times. That was the whole purpose of Jesus washing the others feet... an example to us to serve others. 
       I discovered that when I put God first, others second and myself last then it seems God actually puts me first. I've been amazed at the times I've prayed for God to bless other people and yet I would be "unexpectedly" blessed.
      In my younger years, the world had me convinced "better look out for yourself because nobody else will." But that is NOT the case at all. That is a lie. If you look out for others then God will look out for you.
     There are many different ways for each of us to reach our spiritual heights. This is just one way I needed to reach mine. Yours may not be the same but I pray the season and this journey has brought you to your Higher Self and brought you closer in your walk with Jesus and knowing God.
      God bless!  Shalom!