Sunday, March 4, 2012


Don't We All

     I was parked in front of the mall wiping off my car. I had just come from the car wash and was waiting for my wife to get out of work. Coming my way, from across the parking lot was what society would consider a bum. From the looks of him, he had no car, no home, no clean clothes and no money.
     There are times when you feel generous and are willingly and happily give to them. But there are other times when you just don't want to be bothered. This was one of those "I don't want to be bothered times."
     "I hope he doesn't ask me for any money." I thought to myself. He came and sat on the curb in front of the bus stop but it seemed as if he didn't have enough money to even ride the bus.
     After a few minutes, he spoke, "That's a very pretty car you have." He was ragged but he had an air of dignity around him. His scraggly blond beard kept more than his face warm.
     I told him, "thanks", and I continued wiping off my car. He sat there quietly as I worked. The expected plea for money never came. As the silence between us widened something inside said, "Ask him if he needs any help." I was sure that he would say "yes" but I held true to my inner voice and asked him, "Do you need any help?"
     We often look for wisdom in great men and women. We expect it from those of higher education and accomplishments.  When I expected nothing but an outstretched grimy hand, he answered in three simple but profound words that I shall never forget. Just three little words that shook me... "Don't we all?" he replied.
     I was feeling high and mighty, successful and important, above a bum in the street, until those three words hit me like a twelve gauge shotgun...

                                             "Don't we all?"
     I needed help. Maybe not for bus fare or a place to sleep, but I needed help. I reached in my wallet and gave him not only enough for bus fare but enough to get a warm meal and a motel for the day so he could shower and have a nice bed to sleep in tonight. 
     Those three little words still ring true...

Don't we all?

The author of this is unknown. This was an e-mail a friend had sent to me and because it touches home... I wanted to share it. I know it rings true for EVERYONE!

We need to always be conscientious of those less fortunate than ourselves.
 I once heard a saying that made a huge impact on me and I always keep it in mind when I see someone in need. 

That saying is ... "You should always help the people in the street because you never know when it might be one of God's angels just checking to see if you are doing your part."
Some people don't like to give money to the "bum" because they think he will just go and use it to buy drugs or liquor. While that may be true... first of all, we are not to JUDGE how they choose to spend the money. We can pray that they will use it wisely but there's not a guarantee that they will. But that is between God and them.
Secondly, if you don't feel comfortable giving them money, then YOU buy them a warm meal and give it to them. YOU find a shelter where they can stay at night. Either way, WE NEED to do our part to help our brothers and sisters. It is between God and you in what manner you should help.

Galatians 6:2  Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

Matthew 25:40   "And the King will say, 'I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!'"