Saturday, March 3, 2012


How to be Forgiven

One of the greatest joys that your heart will ever experience is
forgiveness. Nothing else can set you free from the guilt of
the past and place your feet on a new path of hope.
Forgiveness comes to you as a free gift from God.
You cannot earn it in any way. You must only receive it.
Forgiveness is not based on what you have done,
how good you have tried to be, or how sincere you have been.
Your forgiveness is based on the sacrifice that Jesus Christ has
made for your sins. It is by His Blood alone that you can be
forgiven . Your forgiveness is only a prayer away.
Turn your heart to God, confess and forsake your sins,
and ask Him to cleanse and forgive you. His Word says that
He will do it by His grace and mercy. As you pray,
ask Jesus Christ to live in you and be with you.
He will be your Lord and Savior and
His life will make you new.

I want you to know that through Jesus the
forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you.
                                Acts 13:38