Sunday, March 25, 2012

SEASON OF LENT (5th Sunday)

5th Sunday
March 25, 2012

I accept and express my divinity.

     We must begin to see Jesus as the great discoverer of our innate Divinity, the Supreme Revealer of the truth about us, the pioneer  and Way Shower in the quest for self-realization and self-unfoldment. We must see Him turning to His fellow beings, including you and me, and saying, "Come and sit with Me for a while and let Me help you to see as I see, to feel the depth of the Spirit in you as I have felt it within Me. Let Me show you the way, the high road to your own Mt. Olympus.
     Let Me lead you into the wonderful world of the Christ within you, where you will know, and know that you know, that you are a limitless expression of the Infinite. and I can assure you that when you realize the Truth as I have realized it, you will be able to do all the things I have done and even greater things will you do."

Matthew 5:48   Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

*** Reprinted from Unity's booklet    Lent 2012   Release Your Inner Splendor