Friday, June 1, 2012


This is the BEST recipe you will ever find!

Salvation Saturation,
     this is a recipe that almost all ingredients won't cost you a dime. However, someone has paid  the price for you to receive it. In order to make Salvation Saturation, you must find a person who is lost in their sin. Once that is located, the ingredients are as follows:

1 lost sinner
1 large dose of conviction
1 Gracious God (provided free of charge)
1 glass of Repentance
1 large Heaping of Godly Sorrow
1 Willing Savior (provided)
1 Huge Portion of Grace
1 Bloody Cross (Provided by The Savior)
1 New Creature
1 Holy Spirit

     Once you have all the ingredients, the 1 large dose of conviction will be sent by the Holy Spirit. It will begin to stir in the heart of the lost sinner. 1 Heaping of Godly Sorrow will make him see himself the way God sees him. The 1 Gracious God has already provided the 1 Willing Savior and together the 2 have made the way for 1 large Portion of Grace and 1 Heaping of Mercy that was shed on the 1 Bloody Cross. Once these ingredients have settled in the heart of the 1 lost sinner, then the 1 large glass of repentance will be poured into the the 1 lost sinner, which will produce a beautiful new creature. After new creation is produced --- praise God!