Wednesday, June 6, 2012

MORAL STORY (Story of Sometimes and Always)

Sometimes and Always

     Sometimes occasionally goes by the rules but most of the time he likes to go his own way and do his own thing. He is more worried about being everybody's friend than doing his school work. He gets into trouble a lot but manages to charm his way through it. His parents have gone to school a lot to have parent/teacher conferences.
     Always is one who goes by the book, never breaks the rules and is never in trouble. He always pleased his family and friends and never let them down. But he is usually stressed out and gets headaches and stomach aches from it.
     Always became very ill one day and had to be rushed to the hospital. The doctors were baffled because they couldn't find the problem. Many testsw were done and in the end they were inconclusive. Always was released and went home only to be stressed some more about missing school and possibly letting everyone down if his grades went down.
     Sometimes was making bad grades in school and he knew it. He decided that he would just do what he could to get by. He thought, "Why should I stress out about these grades. Look what happened to Always."
     Always was having the same thoughts. "Why should I be stressing over these darn grades anyway? The stress only makes me become sick. Sometimes gets by 'ok'". Then he started missing school and just barely got passing grades.
     Their parents decided to sit the boys down and talk to them and tell them that they just need to do their best and that is all that can be asked of them. They do not need to stress and get ill but also do not need to slack off so much that they get failing grades. The parents let them know that whatever they did they would be proud of them as long as they did their best.
     Finally, Sometimes spoke up, "You mean even if we don't do well all the time that you will still love us and be proud of us?
     "Yes, we will love you. ALWAYS!" the parents responded

MORAL: Do your best at whatever you do. That is all that can be expected of you.