Thursday, June 7, 2012


"I'm So Depressed"

Today we're fasting from the thought that says, "I'm so depressed."

     So often, depression is anger turned inward at ourselves for our shortcomings and mistakes. Perhaps you thought: "Life's a drag; what's the point of anything; I'll never be happy." These thoughts  are designed to rob you of the joy and confidence that produce supernatural strength in out lives.


  1. STOP condemning yopurself. Condemnation is a mindset that robs you of joy and peace. Romans 14:22 says, "Happy is the man who does not condemn himself..." DON'T condemn yourself,  because God doesn't condemn you!
  2. God's still working on you! Philippians 1:6 says lighten up on yourself. He began a good work in you. He'll finish it! Trust God that you're making progress. You're not standing still.
  3. Tap into the power of believing. 1 Peter 1:8 says, "... though you do not see Him now, you BELIEVE in Him and are filled with inexpressible and glorious joy." Believe the promise of God regardless of what you see and depression will begin to leave.
  4. Recognize and eliminate negative thoughts, one at a time. For example, if you think, "This will never work," replace it immediately with, "It will work because God is perfecting (completing) whatever concerns me." (Psalm 138:8).
  5. Surround yourself with positive people. Positive thinking and speaking is contagious, just as negative thinking is. Surround yourself only with those who create an atmosphere of victory with their attitude and words.
  6. Remember, you are NOT helpless. Thoughts of helplessness bring depression. The Holy Spirit is our Helper (John 14:16-18;  John 15:26;  John 16:7). He has not left you alone and He will NEVER leave you alone.


FEATURING:     I will never be depressed another day in my life.
                             I decide to STOP condemning myself and beating
                             myself up for my shortcomings. I believe God is
                             working in me every day.

                             I am NOT a negative thinker. I am positive. God is
                            for me, with me and in me, therefore, depression
                            cannot stay. I am NOT helpless because I have the
                            Holy Spirit living in me. I COMMAND every ounce of
                            depression to let loose of me and let me go. I COMMAND
                            it to be removed and cast into the sea. In Jesus' Name.

*** reprinted from Gregory Dickow's "Start Thinking Forward"