Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lent 2013 (20th Day of Lent)

Thursday, March 7, 2013
We are overcoming the limitating beliefs that have been negatively expressing in our physical bodies. As we continue to affirm the life force of God in every cell, our bodies radiantly bear witness to our new Spiritual awareness.
Our bodies are not our Spiritual enemies, they are not obstacles to Spiritual progress that we have to overcome. If the temple in Jerusalem was sacred because it was believed to contain the Presence of God, then our bodies are equally sacred for the same reason --- they contain the Presence of God, the Christ that is our true self.
Our perfect Spiritual body is not an ephemeral ideal to be achieved sometime in the future, but something already present within us, to be expressed and realized as we align our creative power with the Divine ideas of wholeness within us.
Our bodies can and will serve us perfectly for as long as we need them on our Spiritual path. Perhaps we will so infuse them with God that they will serve us forever, or perhaps we will one day be asked to set them down so that our progress can consume on another plane. For today, it is enough that we love and appreciate our bodies, denying power to any thoughts of judment, insufficientcy or limitation that might affect the body with negative energy.
reprinted from Unity's Lent 2013 "A Season for Spiritual Growth"