Sunday, December 16, 2012

POEM (Prayers For The Innocent)

Prayers For The Innocent
By Shari Soklow
He led them off to Heaven
Where they could laugh and play
Took them far from tragedy
That happened on this day!
With love and deep compassion
He heard their parents wishes
Then He kissed each Angel brow
With a hundred angel kisses
They did not know, were not aware
Of life's most hurtful aches
They only knew that He is near
And prayer is all it takes
The world in shock, the world did pray
For loved ones hurt beyond repair
For when a tragedy happens
We are One Big Family Everywhere!
With deepest love and gentleness. He rests their precious souls
Now entering their new lives with Him they will grow old
Even in the fearfulness one prayer cried out with care
Was all it ever took and in that instant He was there!
You are safe ~ You are sound ~ You are loved!