Saturday, December 15, 2012

ADVENT 2012 (Saturday, December 15, 2012)

Meditation From Silent Unity
     We come together during this sacred time of prayer to be still, to immerse ourselves in oneness with all creation. In the Silence we become aware of the Divine light of the Christ, the ever-present One who waits to be known.
     With each breath, our attention shifts deeper inward. We feel the Christ emerging during this season of light. We awaken to our Christ nature of peace and love, honoring all of life. As we move into the Silence we say thank you ... thank you... thank you.
     Just as a sleeping baby rests in blissful comfort, we, too, abide in the peace that passes all understanding. This peace flows from the depths of our souls. Nothing can disturb our inner sanctuary for we are cradled in the arms of infinite love.
In the stillness of deep peace the Christ is born, soothing every part of our being, in the Silence.
     As we bring this time of prayer to a close, we take a deep breath and slowly exhale. We give thanks for the gifts of this season that live within our hearts throughout the year. As we close our time together, we do so with grateful hearts. We have connected deeply with the precious Christ child born in us today. As we go through our day, we rejoice, affirming that everyone we meet will be blessed by our presence. And so it is. Amen
reprinted from Unity's "If Every Day Were Christmas   Advent 2012"