Sunday, December 16, 2012


A Christmas Poem
Christmas time is magical---
it's a wonderful time of year!
For we celebrate the birth
of the One we hold so dear.
It's a time to remember our Savior
and the life He lived for all,
The gift of love and peace He spread
to fulfill His sacred call.
There's another side of Christmas
that's full of fun and cheer.
As we welcome good old Santa Claus
into our homes each year.
He's such a jollty fellow
with a cheerful ho, ho, ho,
As he travels with his reindeers
over rooftops caked with snow.
When Santa's visit draws nearer
and you see the snowflakes fall,
You will also see the star rise
to remember the Lord of all.
And when the snowflake has fallen
and the star is high above,
You will know the day has come
when we celebrate Christ's love.