Wednesday, December 19, 2012

CHRISTMAS LEGEND (Legend of the Camel's Hump)

Legend of the Camel's Hump
     When the three wise men discovered that a newborn King was about to be born, they decided to travel the many miles to meet and worship Him.
     In order to visit the newborn King, the three wise men traveled with a caravan of camels and helpers, by following the bright star in the sky --- the "Star of David", across many miles of dessert.
     Traveling as quickly as they could, to reach the baby before the star disappeared, they didn't carry enough water for both humans and the camels. So the wise men asked the camels to travel without water until the end of their journey so they could reach the baby in time.
     The camels agreed and they trudged across the dessert without rest or water.
     When they finally reached the stable where the baby Jesus lay, the camels worshipped Him and thanked God for giving them strength to make the journey without water. Then they went and drank water from the stable's trough.
     Ever since that time, camels were rewarded with humps that retain water, to keep them from thirsting while in the dessert.