Saturday, December 8, 2012

ADVENT 2012 (Saturday, December 8, 2012)

Meditation From Silent Unity
     This is a sacred time of stillness that we share. We prepare for this time openly and freely as we allow loving thoughts and feelings of gratitude to surface. Life abounds and we experience it with joy and delight as we quiet our minds and free our hearts to listen, to love and to grow. We are united in a consciousness of oneness to the Silence.
     And we allow these words to become our own:
"The powerful, positive energy of Spirit
gently moves me as I go within and listen.
Centered in Divine wisdom, I am led to
right choices and my faith is lifted. With
confidence and enthusiasm, I move in the
direction of Divine inspiration. I follow
where Spirit leads me."
Let us breathe deeply and fully feel the power of love with each breath. This is a time of great wonder and even greater joy. Our prayers have created a fresh new awareness in ourselves and in the world. Hallelujah and amen.
 reprinted from Unity's "If Every Day Were Christmas   Advent 2012"