Thursday, December 20, 2012

CHRISTMAS LEGEND (Legend of the Stork)

Legend of the Stork
     Mary lay in a stable in Bethlehem, with baby Jesus, surrounded by many birds and beasts that came to greet the LORD of the world.
     The wild animals stood at a distance and just hoped for nothing more than to get a glimpse of the newborn King, while the rest of the animals humbly knelt beside Him.
     Among those kneeling, stood a long-legged stork with soft, white, downy feathers. He was awed by the sight of baby Jesus lying on top the straw. Although, the bird could not offer any crown or jewels, he gave the ultimate gift --- he gave of himself by plucking his feathers so the Christ Child could lay on it as a pillow.
     Baby Jesus smiled with gratitude and blessed the stork.
     Ever since that time, storks have been a symbol of birth. They are associated with baby items and baby showers and are sometimes referred to as "patron of babies."
     So, you see, selfless service of the stork earned him fame. But he wasn't seeking fame, he just wanted Jesus to be comfortable. He did what no other animal, except the robin, could even think of.
Christmas is meant to be a time of selflessness  and giving.  It doesn't have to be anything        outlandish.  As the legend of the stork and the    Christmas robin teaches us --- giving of             ourselves is the noblest of gifts and expresses the true Spirit of Christmas.