Thursday, December 20, 2012

CHRISTMAS LEGEND (Legend of the Evergreen Tree)

Legend of the Evergreen Tree
     One winter, when the birds were all flying south, one little bird broke it's wing on the way and was left behind. Soon, frost and snow covered the forest and she became cold and hungry.
     She begged the trees of the forest, "Could you please help me? I was flying south with the others but my wing broke. I cannot fly anymore and I'm very cold and hungry. Please let me stay in your branches until it is healed and I am able to fly again."
     However, the trees are not always kind.
     The birch tree was proud of being beautiful and it haughtily replied, "I'm sorry but I can't possibly allow you to stay in my branches. I have to look after the birds in the forest first, so there isn't enough room for you."
     The strong oak tree was also reluctant and told the bird, "I would help you but I'm afraid you will have to live here until springtime and you will eat my acorns."
     The willow, although it appeared so nice and gentle, only ignored the bird. It would not speak to her and refused to help.
     The bird was very distressed and didn't know what she was going to do. She needed to find shelter before the elements of winter came. Again she tried to fly but was unable to do so because of her broken wing.
     The spruce tree saw the bird struggling and asked, "Why are you so downcast?"
     "I was flying south with the other birds so we could stay warm for the winter, but then somehow I broke my wing. Now I'm not able to fly anymore and the other birds have continued to go on." said the little bird, while trying to hold back her tears. "I just need a warm place to stay until my wing heals and I am able to fly again but none of the trees will allow me to stay in their branches. I'm so very cold and hungry. Can you please help me?"
     The spruce tree then replied, "I have some of the thickest, softest and warmest branches of all trees. You are welcome to stay on any branch you like."
     The little bird gave a sigh of relief and said, "Oh thank you so much, Mr. Spruce tree. You are so kind." She was very grateful and fluttered around the branches seeking a comfortable branch to claim as her very own.
     Nearby, a big and strong pine tree witnessed the kindness of the spruce tree and he was inspired to also volunteer so he decided he would protect the bird and the spruce tree.
     "The North Winds can be very brutal, especially to a small spruce tree such as yourself."  the pine tree said. "But I will stand before you and shelter you all throughout the winter from such harsh winds."
     Also nearby was a small juniper tree who also became inspired. "What about me?" the juniper tree asked. "I want to help, too. I have berries for you to eat when you are hungry."
     So the little bird lived comfortably there and waited until springtime when her wing would be healed and she will be able to once again fly.
     The Frost King noticed the actions of all the trees and strictly instructed the North Winds, "You are not to touch even a single leaf on the spruce, pine and juniper trees. I have witnessed their kindness to the injured bird."
     Then as the Frost King glanced toward the other trees, he 
growled to the North Winds, "As for the birch, oak and willow trees, do what you wish. They were selfish, uncaring and very unkind to the injured bird. I will not allow that in my forest." 
     The North Winds soon entered the forest and wrecked havoc with the leaves of the birch, oak and willow trees. They especially enjoyed plucking the shining, green leaves of these trees and leaving them bare for the winter with nothing to protect them from snow, rain or sleet.
     Because of the kindness the spruce, pine and juniper tree showed towards the bird, the trees are always green and are known as Evergreen trees.
INSIGHT: Evergreens are known to represent eternal life. Their branches grow upwards symbolizing their worship and praise to God.