Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CHRISTMAS LEGEND (The Legend of the "M" in Christmas)

The Legend of the "M" in Christmas
As you hold the letter "M" in your hand,
     And turn it, you will see...
The "M" becomes a "W",
      An "E" and then a "3". 
They tell the Christmas story,
     It's one I'm sure you know...
It took place in a stable,
     A long, long time ago.
The "E" is for the East,
     Where the star shone o' so bright...
The "M" is for the Manger,
     Where the baby Jesus slept that night.
The "3" is the Wise Men,
     Bringing gifts for Him they came...
The "W" is for worship,
     Singing praises to His Name.
So as you think of this story,
     Share it with a friend...
To remember the Spirit of Christmas,
     And please don't ever let it end.