Monday, December 19, 2011

SEASON OF ADVENT (Day Twenty-three)

                                         Monday, December 19,2011
                                               By Rev. Phillip White

   Seeds bring new life into expression. So remarkable is this process that I wonder if seeding is not God's way of helping us heal our lives and our world. Is that what the birth of Jesus is about? We celebrate his birth because he, seeing in us what we find difficult to see in ourselves, opened his life of love to us and showed us the full beauty, exuberant color and texture of God's flourishing in him.
   In the birth of Jesus we see the real presence of the seed of love in every person. No matter how much fear of resentment or anxiety or unhappiness we have accumulated, thepower to love is stored in us -- a seed waiting for the spring of our soul. When it finds lodging and germination in our own souls, like seeds everywhere it will release the imprisoned splendor within it.

You, O God, are my fortress the God who shows me steadfast love.     --- Psalm 59:17

reprinted from Unity's booklet Advent 2011 Your Journey To Christmas

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