Thursday, December 8, 2011

CHRISTMAS WISH (My Christmas List of Blessings)

                         My Christmas List of Blessings

My Christmas list is more
  than just a way to keep track of,
The special people God has brought
  into my life to love.
It's like a treasured scrapbook-
  filled with pleasant memories,
Of all the times God answered my prayers
  for me, my friends, strangers and family.
Every name's a touchstone
  that leads to a place and time,
Where God has used another's heart
  to reach out and touch mine.
It may have happened years ago
  or even yesterday,
But every person on my list
  has changed my life in some way.
Through simple conversation
  a warm hug or a shared meal,
Every person on my list
  has helped me grow or heal.
Or laugh or love or learn or smile...
  the blessings never end,
As God allows our paths to cross
  as family or as friends,
So please know that this greeting
  is more than a Christmas wish
It's a "Thank You" card to God,
  for putting you on my list.
Each and every one whose name
  I've come to hold so dear...
Those who've shown me Christmas joy
  each and every day of the year.

author unknown

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