Thursday, December 15, 2011

CHRISTMAS POEM (There Will Always Be a Christmas)

              There Will Always Be a Christmas

        There will always be a Christmas
    With its message of wonderous love;
           It's a blessed, Holy Season
      Pointing hearts to Heaven above.
     Years of time brings many changes,
    There's nothing can change this day;
       There will always be a Christmas,
       Its meaning will never pass away.
        It's a special day to remember,
        The gift sent from God above,
          The precious gift of a Savior
       Because of His marvelous love.
     There will always be Christmas,
   Through the years it'll always remain
       More than just a day or a season
When we join in the carol's sweet refrain.
    For each day it's wonderous message
      Within our hearts will always stay;
    When in us the Christ is born again,
        Christmas will never pass away.

Eva Elmquist

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