Thursday, December 15, 2011


                                      Gift of Love

          Gift of love, on Christmas Day
        For us to Heaven paved the way,
       The Child was sent to conquer sin,
   Redeeming those who believe in Him.

          Gift of love, oh blessed One,
        His work on Calvary now is done.
          He earned for us salvation free
      That we might Heaven's glory see.

         Gift of love, in sin and shame
       He rescued us to share His name.
            Holy, pure, He took our sin
         So we in Heaven could enter in.

         Gift of love, He suffered long
    So we could sing redemption's song.
 He came, redeemed, now leads our way--
       Earth celebrates His birth this day.

Helen Gleason

Let Your love come to me, Lord, salvation in accord with Your promise.            Psalm 119:41

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