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                                                     Tuesday, December 6, 2011

                                      FOLLOW YOUR STAR
                                                          By Rev. Patricia Bass

  There is a certain glow about the Christmas season that we don't encounter at other times of the year. It is as if we begin to see with our hearts instead of our eyes, and we are able to see past outer appearances to the heart of each person and situation.
   The glow of Christmas is the glow from the symbolic star. It calls us to follow our own inner Lights to find the Light of the Christ in others.
   The Christ dwells in everyone--- it is the Divine presence within. the Christmas holiday invites us to give it free expression in ourselves--- through qualities of generosity, love and devotion.
   Christmas also invites us to look for the Christ Light in others. When we expect to find it, we do. The glow of Christmas doesn't have to end on december 25. We can choose every day to seek the Christ Light in our friends, our family and ourselves. Even more, we can look for it in the world--- In other faith traditions, in other countries, in those people who are different from us.
   When we expect to find it, we will.

My peace I give to you.      ----John 14:27

reprinted from Unity's booklet Advent 2011  Your Journey To Christmas

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