Thursday, December 15, 2011

CHRISTMAS POEM (Just a Baby in a Manger)

                                 Just a Baby in a Manger

                      Just a  Baby in a manger ---
Why, who would ever guess
That such a tiny miracle
Would forever mankind bless!
He was small, just like a baby is
And so soft, gentle too --
Oh, the love that He would give away
And wonders He would do!
The manger that He lay in
Was not a crib, both clean and warm,
But God saw it fit for His Son
On the day that He was born.
Just a Baby in a manger
A long, long time ago,
Will grow up to teach us wisdom --
So much mercy to bestow.
On this another Christmas Season
Pause and remember Christ Our King --
That tiny Baby once in a manger
Causing weary hearts to sing!

Linda C. Grazulis

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