Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Heavenly Father,
   During this festive season people are talking about what they will be giving to others or they may be talking about what they are receiving from others. Father, I can joyfully tell others af ALL the wonderful gifts you've given to me: Your Son, Jesus Christ, my life, my family, this earth, the animals, other people, and the list goes on and on. It never ends!
   But, I wonder, Lord... what about the gifts I give to you? How long would that list be? Reflecting on that, I realize... I OWE YOU so much! So, Father, my gift to You right now... is ME!!!!! I give You all of me!
   I pray You will allow me to be a blessing to someone for all of Your Glory. Allow me to give a smile to someone who is feeling down and out, place me next to the doors at a store, that I may hold open for the elderly couple ambling into, position me at a check out register where the person in front of me is short of cash and I can make up the difference, whisper to my heart the name of a lonely person that I need to go visit, give me the humorous joke to tell someone who is feeling depressed, steer my car onto the road where the stranded motorist is needing assistance.
   Lord, my gift to You is me! I trust You will use me in many ways -- big and small -- to reach Your people.
              HERE I AM, LORD! TAKE ME! USE ME!
   Use me to be a blessing to someone else today. All for the Glory and Honor Of Your Mighty Name and Your Sacred Son, Jesus Christ.  In this I pray. Amen.

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