Tuesday, February 12, 2013

POEM (Family)

When it's family, you forgive them
For they know not what they do,
When it's family, you accept them
Cause you have no choice but to.

When it's family, they are a mirror,
Of the worst and best in you,
And they always put you to the test,
And you always try to do your best.
And just pray for God to the rest!

When it's family, some are preachers,
And some they will be gay,
Some are addicts or maybe drunks,
And dont forget those who often stray.
But still, noone is turned away.

When it's family, some are lucky
But then some just ain't.
Some will be fighters,
While some are just faint,
There will always be winners, losers,
Sinners and Saints.
It's all family!

When it's family, you trust them
And your hearts are an open door,
When it's family, you will tolerate,
What you would kill others for.
When it's family, you love and hate,
And take, then give some more.

Somehow you justify mistakes,
And you try to find some better way,
To solve the problem
That happen each day by day.

In the family,
You take the troubles as it comes,
And you continue to love them,
More than anyone!
Good or bad or indifferent,
It's still family!

You choose your lovers,
You will pick your friends,
But not the family,
That your were borne in,
They will be with you,
Until the end,
And if they choose not to,
Then they ARE NOT your family, my dear friend!

Author: Dolly Parton