Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lent 2013 (12th Day of Lent)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Today in the face of any doubt or challenge, we affirm: "My will and God's Will are one. I want only the perfect expression of God at every moment."
How can we know the difference between our will and God's Will? When we are truly connected to the Spiritual dimension within us, there is no difference between our will and God's Will. God's Will for us is perfect Good, because Good is what God is. God's Will for us is unconditional Love, because Love is what God is. What else but perfect Good and unconditional Love could we want for ourselves?
The challenge comes when we allow our self-will to become enmeshed in ideas of separation and lack. The easiest way to recognize that this is happening is to consider what is fueling our will. If our will is based in fear --- if we are willing to do something because we're afraid what might happen if we don't --- then we can be sure that we are not at one with God's Will. If, on the other hand, our power source is love --- for ourselves, for others, for the world, for God --- then we can know that the good we will for ourselves and the Good God would have us enjoy are one and the same. 
reprinted from Unity's Lent 2013 "A Season for Spiritual Growth"