Thursday, February 14, 2013

INSPIRATIONAL STORY (Chad and Valentines Day)

     Little Chad was a shy, quiet young fellow. One day, he came home and told his mother that he would like to make a Valentine's card for everyone in his class. Her heart sank. She thought, "I wish he wouldn't do that." because she had watched the children when they walked home from school. Her Chad was always behind them. They laughed and hung on to each other and talked to each other. But Chad was never included. Nevertheless, she decided she would go along with her son. So she purchased the paper and glue and crayons. For three whole weeks, night after night, Chad painstakenly made thirty-five Valentines.
     Valentine's Day came and Chad was bursting with excitement. He carefully stacked the cards up and put them in a bag then he bolted out the door headed to school.
     His mother decided to bake him his favorite cookies and serve them with a glass of milk when he returned home. She just knew he would be disappointed. She thought maybe the cookies would ease the pain. Just the thought that her son probably wont receive many or maybe no Valentine's cards hurt her terribly.
     That afternoon, when she heard the children outside, she looked out the window. Sure enough, here they came, laughing and joking as always, they were having the best time of their life. And as always, there was Chad in the rear. He walked a little faster than usual so she fully expected him to burst into tears as soon as he got inside the house. His arms were empty and when he entered the door she choked back tears.
     "Mommy has some warm cookies and a glass of milk for you , honey." she softly told her precious son.
     But he hardly heard a word she said. He just marched right on by, his face aglow and all he could say was, "Not a one. Not a one."
     Her heart sank but then he added, "I didn't forget a one. Not a single one, mom. Everybody got a Valentine." He smiled and sat down to enjoy the treat his mother had ready for him.