Saturday, July 14, 2012


This is said to be a true story.

Deck Of Cards
     Back in 1778, a soldier, overseas during the war, was in his bunker with a deck of cards spread out on his bed when the sergeant walked in and asked the soldier what he was doing.
     The soldiers answers, "Sir, I was just about to spend some time in prayer with the Lord, sir."
     "Looks like you're getting ready to play cards." The sergeant said to the soldier as he eyeballed the cards spread out on the bed.
     "Oh no sir," spoke the soldier. "If you will just let me explain, I'll show you something kind of interesting."
     At that point he gathered all the cards in his hands and began to shuffle them. "You see, this deck of cards may seem ordinary to you but it acts as my Bible." He then began to flip over the first card which revealed the ace of spades. "You see sir, in a deck of card, the Ace reminds me there is only One God."
     The next card he reveals is the two (2) of diamonds. "The two, is the two halves of the Bible. The Old and the New Testament."
     The next card he flips over reveals a three (3) of clubs. "The three, that's the Trinity. The Father, Son and Holy Ghost."
     Then the next card reveals a four (4) of hearts. "The four, that reminds me of the four Apostles. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John."
     With the cards he is still holding in his hands, the soldier begins to divide them up shifting them between each other. The top card he flips over reveals the six (6) of clubs. "The six, sir, reminds me that God made earth in six days, in which," at that moment the next card he flipped over revealed the seven (7) of spades, "on the seventh day He rested."
     Again, with the remaining cards in his hands he splits them up and divides them three seperate times. Finally, he flips the top card and reveals the ten (10) of hearts. "In the Bible, you have ten commandments"
      The next card on top reveals the king of hearts, "And this, this is my absolute favorite, sir." Said the soldier as he smiled a huge smile. "Jesus, who is the King. He's the King of my heart."
     At this point, the sergeant was surprised and impressed with the way the cards seem to fall into place for the soldier. "That's pretty good." He said.
     The soldier says, "It doesn't stop there, sir. You see, in a deck of cards there are four (4) suites, hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds. That represents the four seasons. In fact, there's thirteen (13) cards in each suite. There are exactly 13 weeks in each quarter of the year."
     The soldier then gathers all the card in his hand and says, "There's fifty-two (52) cards in a deck which represents 52 weeks in a year." He then looks up at the sergeant, raising the deck of card in his hand and says, "So you see sir, my deck of cards is my Bible. It's my calendar. It's my almanac."
     Then he lays the cards on his bed and spreads them out. "When I have cards spread out in front of me, I can see all the things I have to be thankful for."

Psalm 107:1 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.  (NLT)