Sunday, July 29, 2012



There is a story about an old rancher who had been "taken to the cleaners" several times by a local car salesman. One day, the car dealer called the rancher and said he was coming out to buy a cow from him. The rancher placed the following information on the cow:

               Basic cow                                                                   $500.00
               Two-tone exterior                                                          45.00
               Extra Stomach                                                                75.00
               Product storing compartment                                         60.00
               Straw chopper                                                              120.00
               Four spigots @ $10.00                                                    40.00
               Cowhide upholstery                                                      125.00
               Dual horns                                                                      15.00
               Automatic fly-swatter                                                     38.00
               Fertilizer attachment                                                    185.00
                                                                               TOTAL       $1233.00

Those little extras sure add up. But, you know, God gives us lots of extras ---- air to breath, trees, grass, lakes, mountains, friends, family, His Word, spiritual blessings, etc. Aren't you glad He doesn't charge for the "extras".

Enjoy the "extras" and have a blessed day.