Wednesday, October 3, 2012


40 Days of Prayer to Change America
Day 6: Justice
     Have you considered the fact that a nation committed to justice for all is a nation that God can bless? God is passionate about justice because it is in accordance with His nature to be just in all His dealings.When nations base their laws and institutions on principles of justice for all, the God of justice is pleased.
     Of course, this means that the contrary is true as well. When injustice creeps in, it brings with it the displeasure of God. God especially seems to look out for the welfare of those whom society overlooks; the poor, the less privileged, the stranger and the outcast. The nation that wants the blessing of God will ensure justice for ALL.
  • Thank the Lord that He is a God of justice and shows no favoritism.
  • Pray for our judicial system and lawmakers, that justice for all, tempered by mercy and compassion, will guide our nation.
I thank You, Lord, that You are perfectly just in all Your ways. You deal with us impartially, imparting justice while showing mercy and compassion. Help us to be like You in this way. Help us as a nation to offer justice to all and no discriminate in the way that justice is administered. I pray for the judicial system of this nation. Restore Godliness to our courts. May a river of righteousness sweep across our nation. In Jesus' All Powerful and Mighty Name. Amen
*** reprinted from Charisma magazine