Tuesday, October 23, 2012

40 DAYS OF PRAYER TO CHANGE AMERICA (Day 26: Wealth and Prosperity)

40 Days of Prayer to Change America
(Day 26: Wealth and Prosperity)
"Better a little with the fear of the Lord than great wealth with turmoil." --- Proverbs 15:16
     Is there  a better picture of the truth of this passage than Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol? Poor Bob Cratchit with son Tiny Tim and his impoverished family are filled with joy and faith, contrasted with wealthy Ebenezer Scrooge's miserable existence. The novel isn't so much against money as it is failing to live a life that uses what we have for others.
     The U.S is in a curious place regarding wealth. We have affluence that is virtually unimaginable. Our ethics regarding the ways we obtain wealth are often highly suspect. Yet, for all our failings in this area, we're a nation known for generosity. When tragedy strikes, the greatness of America's generosity kicks in. We have sent American dollars around the world to help those in need. We even provide tax credits for those who give charitably. Yet we can do better --- not just in giving, but in our attitudes toward wealth.
  • Repent for any greed or wrong attitudes concerning money.
  • Pray for an increased Spirit of Generosity in the church.
  • Ask the Lord to pour our Godly fear of the Lord throughout our land.
(reprinted from Charisma magazine)