Saturday, April 7, 2012

SOMETHING TO PONDER (The Crucifiction of Christ)

The Crucifiction of Christ
     I was thinking about a couple of weeks ago when a friend told me she went to see the movie "The Vow".  She said it was so emotional for her that it made her cry.
    I remember years ago, the movie "Love Story" made many women cry and there have been many more emotional movies that have caused us to shed a tear. Some were so emotional that even the men have become teary eyed.
    I just finished watching a short clip from "One God One Earth" Facebook page about the Crucifiction of Jesus Christ and it made me cry.  As many times as I watched this movie throughout my lifetime, it never caused me to actually cry until now.
     Then it made me wonder ... how many others actually shed a tear over this? How may others take it for granted, just as I have, but yet we shed a tear over a MOVIE. While movies are fictional, what causes it to tug at our heartstrings more than the Truth of Jesus' suffering?
     If you have been living like I have and taking Jesus' suffering for granted, I encourage you ... examine your heart. We are in a terrible place if we can cry over a "ficitonal movie" and yet watch the Crucifiction of Our Savior with only interest and as a learning experience.

Love and Blessings!
Shalom! ~One Love~