Saturday, April 7, 2012


40th Day of Lent
Saturday, April 7, 2012

Life is the activity of God. It is principle,
the animating force, the everywhere-present
potential of livingness. It is not involved
in time; it has no beginning and no end.
Individually, however, life is that universal
force projected into a particular form and
manner of expression. God is life, but
in another sense you are life!

Take this moment to think about your thoughts, words and actions that reflect the Resurrection of your inner splendor. How will you continue to let your light shine?

This Lenten Season has truly been a Spiritual awakening for me. With these Lenten devotionals and sincere studying of what this time means, I was able to grow so much more and find out things about myself that I seemed to have just simply ignored.
Although, I've always understood the meaning of The Resurrection, like many people, I found I still took it for granted. No matter how many times I watched the movies "The Ten Commandments, The Passion of The Christ" and others that are shown to commemorate this time, I never really let it sink in. Or should I say, I realized the intensity of Jesus' suffering but once the movies were over and a new day came, I quickly dismissed the feelings I had previously. How quickly, I forgot what it all truly meant.
As the new day came, the movies were more like... just a "good" movie despicting Christs sufferings. How quickly I dismissed what I experienced as I watched the movies and replaced it with the busyness and "things-to-do" in the world.
But this year, I truly paid attention. I truly let it sink in, I embedded things in my heart and I made the committment to do my best to allow God to change me into the person He created me to be.
This year, I truly opened my heart and my mind as I went through the "Stations of the Cross". After, truly knowing what it all meant, how could I not feel so humble and loved by Jesus and our dear Heavenly Father. How could I not want to change and obey them. I mean, after all, the only real commandment that is required of us is ---- that we love each other.  And it makes so much sense.
When we truly come to love each other, we no longer are judgemental. We no longer are cruel or abusive. Love takes all those evil intentions out of us and replaces it with nothing but goodness. It is easier to have mercy and compassion for our brothers and sisters. We become more understanding about the mistakes by others. It becomes easier to be forgiving. Love will not change the way we look at and treat others, but it will make our life so much easier.
So, I've decided to make the committment to focus on LOVE! But I do realize that before I can focus on love, I need to be sure that I FORGIVE. Without forgiveness, I will not be able to love.

Love and Blessings!
Shalom! ~One Love~