Wednesday, April 4, 2012

POEM (I Am With You Always)

I Am With You Always

I am with you always
Never have a fear,
When you feel the most alone
Remember, I am right here

I have cried as you have cried
Many times before,
I have had a broken heart
Yes, and so much, much more.

I have known betrayal
Of the cruelest kind,
So sweep away the bitterness
And put it far from your mind.

And let us walk together
through the twilights glow,
For I have felt as you do now
Dear child, yes, yes... I know.

I am with you always
You are not alone,
My love for you is endless
Because you are my own.

And through your darkest hours
You will find me near,
For will your crosses ever be
Too great for you to bear.