Sunday, April 8, 2012

About the Easter Lily

Blessed Resurrection Cross

Easter Lily
Symbolic of a Resurrection

For  many,  the beautiful
trumpet --- shaped  white
flowers symbolize purity,
virtue,  innocence,   hope
and  life  ---  the  spiritual
essencence  of  Easter.   History,  mythology,  literature,
poetry and the world  of  art  are  filled  with  stories  and
images   that  speak  of  the  beauty  and  majesty  of  the
elegant white flowers. Dating back to  Biblical  times,  the
lily is  mentioned  on  numerous  occasions.  One of  the
most  famous  Biblical  references is the  Sermon  on the
Mount,  when  Christ  told His  listeners;  "Consider  the
lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do
they    spin;    and    yet  ...
Soloman   in   all  his glory
was  not  arrayed  like  one
of   these."    Once   called
the "white-robed   apostles
of  hope, lilies were  found
growing   in    the   Garden
of      Gethsemane      after
Christ's   agony.  Tradition
has  it  that  the    beautiful
white    lilies   sprung    up
where   drops  of  Christ's
sweat  fell  to  the  ground
in    His   final   hours  of
sorrow   and   deep   dis-
tress.     Churches   con-
tinue    this   tradition   at
Easter  time  by  banking
their    altars   and    sur-
rounding   their   crosses
with  masses   of   Easter
Lilies,  to  commemorate
the Resurrection of Jesus
Christ   and  hope of  life

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