Friday, January 6, 2012


   As another year ends and the new year begins, many are making new years resolutions. Maybe we will try again to diet or exercise more. Some of us resolve to focus on our finances and get out of debt or maybe we want to carve out more family time.
   But have we learned anything from last year? Did we make a difference in our own lives and/or the lives of others? Did we give in to the fear and/or anger that seems to be a major part of people's personalities lately? Are we keeping our cool on the road when people cut us off or when stuck in traffic jams? Did we feel energetic and focused on our goals? Did we have any goals?
   As we think about these questions we raise our consciousness. We need to ask ourselves --- what should I be doing right now? What can I do?
   To start, we can discard ALL useless thoughts, activities, and relationships that serve no purpose in our spiritual growth. We need to rid ourselves of those who constantly bring us down. We need to surround ourselves with people who will be a positive influence for us. People who will not only encourage, inspire and uplift us but will challenge us to grow.
   We need to forgive those who have hurt or disappointed us or a loved one. Bringing old pains into the new year will only hinder us.
   This is a new year and time for a fresh start. As if we were born anew.
   What should we be doing to make this year better than the previous year? We need to shine brighter than before!  We need to hold onto our truths and our faith. We mustn't be bothered by others who give in to the fear and anger. We need to confidently walk toward those dark areas of the world and shine ever so brightly.

  We are the light of the world!!
  So let your light shine!!!

   Remember those less fortunate, those that need a kind word, someone who wants a moment of your time. Walk through a busy store with a smile on your face.
   This year,  promise to treat yourself better, honor and listen to your Inner Spirit and enrich your mind.
     Be blessed and be a blessing!
~One Love~                                                                     

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