Monday, November 21, 2011


   Are you wanting to grow spiritually? Do you yearn for God to reveal Himself to you more? Would you like God to use you to reach other people and bring them to Him?
   God CAN'T use you if you're complaining all the time. How can you be an example of His peace, love and joy if you're complaining? You won't be very convincing to people that way and that's why God WON'T use you until you grow in that area.
   I remember I always wanted to do God's work. I wanted to help other people.But i ALWAYS complained about something. And when I started caring for my nephew, who is deaf and mentally challenged, I complained incessantly to my sisater about his bad behavior. I was always stressed about the situation. I couldan't get much sleep. I didn't know where to find help. it really wore on my health.
   Finally, I decided there wasn't anything I could do but accept some things about him that I TRIED to control. I prayed to God to bring peace into our lives and I had others praying for us as well. When I let go and STOPPED COMPLAINING I saw change. Robby was calming down. I realized that if I continued to let things bother me then they WILL persist. it's when i let go and let God handle it thats when things wil become better. Complaining didn't solve any of it.
   We really need to stop complaining about things. Gas, food, property taxes, etc prices going up. It's a way of life and we have to accept it  and still enjoy our life.
    Stop complaining about petty things... somebody didn't call/text back. It's possible something came up. The world doesn't revolve around us. Hasn't it ever happened to you? You were about to call/text somebody but sudenly someone shows up at the door, or maybe, you spill something and need to clean it up quick and you forget to call/text that person back because you got busy with something else? We live in a busy world and things unexpectantly do happen. We need to just consider that, instead of instantly getting upset and complaining because people don't get back to us.
   Stop complaining if you have to wait a long time in the checkout line, at a doctor's office, or on the phone because they put you on hold. This is the PERFECT time to "zone out and spend time with God". If you begin to pray while you're waiting, not only will you feel a sense of calm from God's peace but he wait suddenly won't seem as long. Put it to the test! Try it!
   Stop complaining about the government!!! Whether it's the mayor, representatives, Senators, Congress, or the President. Unless you're willing to go out and advocate or take some sort of purposeful action (gather petitions, active in protest marches, attend meetings to vote on issues) then please, stop complaining!! Pray for those in government positions that they may be lead by the Holy spirit to do the right things.
   Complaining isn't going to get anything done. It ONLY spreads NEGATIVE energy onto other people and gets them complaining. We need to accept that most things are the way they are and we're most likely NOT going to be able to change it. Especially, not by just sitting around complaining.
   Let's make a commitment today to keep our mind on God. When we complain we are only giving into the flesh. We are unhappy because we can't have OUR WAY!
   Turn your mind away from complaints. When you begin to complain, catch yourself, stop and begin telling yourself, "Lord, I'm sorry for complaining. this is not a big issue. You will handle this for me. I'm sorry, Lord. Please, forgive me. I'm going to enjoy my day now."


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