Wednesday, November 30, 2011


                                     NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS

We may be able to count the seeds in an apple, BUT GOD is able to count the apples in a seed.

   Many times we set out with a dream. Something we like. Something we are passionate about.
   Are you aware it is God who places that dream in us? It's true! When we have a desire that we become passionate about, it is what God has planned for us and wants us to desire it so we can be focused on it. If we remain focused, on what we think is OUR dream, then it becomes easier for God's Will to be done.
   Like when we count seeds in an apple, we plant them and only expect a few apples. BUT GOD KNOWS that planting a few seeds will bring an abundance of apples.
   That's how it becomes with dreams. We have that desire, but as time goes by we sometimes lose hope because we think it will never happen. We may think too much time has already passed and we are too old. (Thus, thinking the seeds we counted are gone. We have no more seeds.)
   BUT GOD KNOWS  we can accomplish that dream. (Like the seeds... He knows what we are capable of producing). We just need to keep the faith and follow the path God lays out in front of us to accomplish it.
   GOD IS NEVER WRONG! He plants that desire in us because HE KNOWS we are capable of it. But it takes two. God will do His part but we have to do our part. And our part is: NEVER GIVE UP!
                               YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH YOUR DREAMS!

--- Dejon Ruiz---                

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