Sunday, November 30, 2014


Although Christmas memories reflect specific times, people, and places, Christmas is a feeling more than an event. It is a special warmth and glow that fills our hearts this time of year.

Yet Christmas can also be a tender time, especially for those who are grieving, struggling or alone. These stories and sentiments should remind us that no matter what is happening in our outer lives, we can find the Spirit of Christmas within. We need only breathe into the present moment, turn our attention to the Christ Presence, and feel our oneness with all of life. Simple acts of kindness, both given and received, can bring us home to the truth that we are never alone.

May Faith, peace, Love and Joy be alive in your heart this Advent season, as together we celebrate the coming --- and the arrival --- of the Christ Light in our world. You are blessed and you are a blessing!

**** Excerpts from Unity's Advent 2014 "Christmas in My Heart" Booklet

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